Why Laser Beam Projector?

  • Until now, most projectors used either LED, LCD or DLP as the light source and they all possessed one bothersome problem: Focus needed to be adjusted manually. This was especially a big problem for portable projectors since they were meant to be carried around and the user had to adjust the focus every single time


  • Finally, a portable projector that doesn't require focus adjustment is out with laser technology. Focus-free means that the projected image is never out of focus, no matter what surface it is displayed on. Laser technology also makes it possible for the projector to produce vivid colors incomparable to those by other LED, LCD and DLP projectors.


  • There are currently 3 portable laser projectors in the world: SK Telecom's UO Smart Beam Laser, S company, and C company. S and C use technology very similar to that of an electron gun. One can see through a camera lens, electron beam wave flowing on the projected image like an analog TV. This laser beam can cause serious harm to human eye.


  • The team behind the creation of Laser Beam Projectors invented a highly-advanced laser technology that is completely safe to human eye. The Class 1 Laser used in the projector is accessed with FDA. Laser Beam Projector's ingenious focus free and harmless laser technology has earned itself the 2016 & 2017 CES Innovative Award.


  • Our Laser Beam Projectors are the only true portable projector in the world that can be used anywhere without a screen, used by children without worries, connect with various devices (smartphone, tablet, computer, media player, action camera, etc.) to enjoy crisp and vivid image & video with both wireless & wired options.


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