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UO Smart Beam Laser, What is the Difference?

CES Innovative Product Award Winner!
The Newest 3rd Generation of UO (United Object) Projector!


The Old Type: LED, LCD, and DLP

  • Until now, most projectors used either LED, LCD or DLP as the light source and they all possessed one bothersome problem: Focus needed to be adjusted manually. This was especially a big problem for portable projectors since they were meant to be carried around and the user had to adjust the focus every single time.

 Focus Free

  • Finally, a portable projector that doesn't require focus adjustment is out with laser technology. Focus-free means that the projected image is never out of focus, no matter what surface it is displayed on. Laser technology also makes it possible for the projector to produce vivid colors incomparable to those by other LED, LCD and DLP projectors.

The Best Eye Safe Projector

  • There are currently 3 portable laser projectors in the world: SK Telecom's UO Smart Beam Laser, S company, and C company. S and C use technology very similar to that of an electron gun. One can see through a camera lens, electron beam wave flowing on the projected image like an analog TV. This laser beam can cause serious harm to human eye.

CES Award Winner

  • The team behind the creation of Laser Beam Projectors invented a highly-advanced laser technology that is completely safe to human eye. The Class 1 Laser used in the projector is assessed with FDA. Laser Beam Projector's ingenious focus free and harmless laser technology has earned itself the CES Innovation Award.

Compatible with Variety of Devices

  • Our Laser Beam Projectors are the only true portable projector in the world that can be used anywhere without a screen, used by children without worries, connect with various devices (smartphone, tablet, computer, media player, game console, action camera, etc.) to enjoy crisp and vivid image with wireless & wired options.

A. Focus Free - No need to adjust the focus ever again. Get clear image every time with eye-safe FDA accessed Class 1 Laser. (FDA Accession#: 1611158-000)
B. Wireless Connectivity – Leave the cables at home. Connect many mobile devices to UO Smart Beam Laser wirelessly using Screen Mirroring function.
C. Built-in Rechargeable Battery – Built-in battery lasts up to 2 hours with one full charge. Battery can also be charged while running.
D. Screen Size - Go small or go big. Screen size can extends from 20 to 150 inch by adjusting the distance of the projector and the wall or screen.
E. Resolution- 4K input / 720P HD output means HD image is never compromised.
F. HDMI - Connect UO Smart Beam Laser to even more devices with micro HDMI cable like your gaming console.
G. Speaker - Built-in speaker’s volume ranges from mute to level 6 by clicking the power button, and turn any video into silent film or rowdy sports game.
H. Bluetooth - Connect your favorite Bluetooth speaker to the mobile device that is paired up with UO Smart Beam Laser to enjoy better sounds.

How to use UO Smart Beam Laser

ATTENTION iOS (Apple) Users: Although UO Smart Beam Laser can be connected to iOS devices wirelessly via Airplay (UO must be updated to the latest firmware), streaming video contents from websites and mobile applications such as Netflix, YouTube, etc. are may blocked from Airplay. Thus, we strongly recommend iOS users to use a set of cables *Certified Micro HDMI cable and an **Apple adapter designed for your specific device to ensure your ultimate viewing experience.

UO must be updated to the latest firmware in order to connect through mirroring with iPhone or iPad. However, if iOS itself has a newer firmware update, mirroring option might become unavailable for a short period of time depending on how fast the manufacturer updates the firmware.

UO Smart Beam Laser + iPhone
Ver. YouTube (app) YouTube (Safari) Netflix (app) Netflix (Safari)
1.1.8 o o x.  sound O x
1.1.9 x o x x
1.2.0 x o x x

* Available for free when register your product

** Must be Purchased Separately


** Must be Purchased Separately

Category Description
Product Name UO Smart Beam Laser
Projection Size 20” -  150”
Projection Distance 2 ft. - 15 ft.
Brightness ANSI 60 - Max. 100 Lumens
Resolution 720p (1280 X 720)
Aspect Ratio 16 : 9
Contrast Ratio 400 : 1 * Regular HD TV is 2000:1
Optical Engine Type LCoS (Liquid Crystal On Silicon)
Laser Class Class 1 Laser
Power USB cable, 110~220 Vac.
Dimensions 2.2 inch X 2.2 inch X 2.2 inch
Weight 0.43 Lbs. (6.88 oz.), 1.10 Lbs. w/packaging (17.6 oz.)
Video Input Wire (HDMI/MHL), Wi-Fi
Battery Type Built-in Lithium-Polymer (4200mAh )
Battery Life Approximately 120 minutes w/4 hours full charge
Throw Ratio 1.428 : 1
Laser Diode Life 10,000 hours
Op Temp & Humidity 10°C~40°C;, 15%~85%
Speaker Built-in 1 watt (Compatible to use with external speaker only if your devices supports Bluetooth) 

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