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Laser Beam Pro C200 - FAQ

Q. What is a Laser Beam Pro C200?

The Laser Beam Pro C200 is built-in with Android operating system projector that's optimized with full RGB laser light source.

Q.  Can I find video tutorials on the Laser Beam Pro C200?

Yes, you can find our video tutorials on the Laser Beam Pro C200 on our website under the settings tab

Q. How can I check if I have the latest firmware updated on my device? And, how can I update firmware to the latest one?  

You can check if you have the latest firmware update on your device by going into the settings from the start menu, then go into “About Device. Then go to system update and you will see the message if you are using the up-to-date firmware. If your firmware is updated to its latest version, when you connect to WIFI network, you will automatically see a message pop up asking you if you want to update your firmware. If your firmware is not updated, you will get a message stating that F/W update is available and “Do you want to update”. Choose “Yes”.  Please make sure your device has enough battery life, so it will not run out and power off during your update. Also, note that you will want to be on a solid Wi-Fi network as it can take only 10-15 minutes compared to 15-30 minutes on a weak network.

Q. How can I reset my device? 

You can find the reset hole at the bottom right on the back of the projector. Use a clip or pin to press the reset button inside and reset the projector.

Q. What micro SD cards are compatible with the Laser Beam Pro? 

There are several different types of micro SD card. Due to copyright issues between MS and Google (Android), some micro SD cards will not be compatible with Android devices. Therefore, please use micro SD cards with the logo “SD HC”, the card uses FAT 32 file system, which is compatible with your Laser Beam Pro. 

Q. How to transfer a file from USB or SD card to internal memory of my device.

With the USB or SD card inputted into your Laser Beam Pro, select FILE MANAGER from the Start Menu. You will notice an option under internal memory for USB and SD Card. Then using your keypad navigate to the file you want to transfer to your internal memory. By holding on the bottom, left button on your keypad (or left click on the mouse) you will have an option to Copy, Delete, Move, Paste, Rename, and Send. From there, select Copy or Move and go back to Internal Memory File. Navigate to the "EDITOR" tab on the header of the File Manager, with the same list of options, choose 'Paste; and it will transfer the file of your choice into your Internal Memory on your Laser Beam Pro C200.

 Q. How do I connect my iPhone or iPad? 

Your iOS device must support Airplay. Airplay mirroring works on the Laser Beam Pro C200 by selecting iOS mirroring from the Start Menu. On Airplay mode the iOS device needs to be connected on to the same WIFI Network. Then you can choose the preferred iOS device that you want to connect to your Laser Beam Pro C200 as it will pop out when both are on the same WIFI network and can mirror your image from your iOS device to your projector. You can watch our YouTube channel.

Q. How do I connect my Android phone? 

You can mirror your Android’s device screen to your projector. Remember, your device needs to support Miracast. Also, on some mobile devices there can be a different name such as Smart View or Mirror Screen, etc. Go ahead and select Android Device, and connect to your Projector Device name.

Q. How do I navigate using key buttons?

You can navigate through your Laser Beam Pro C200 by using the key buttons. By pressing on the UP, LEFT, RIGHT, DOWN buttons you can navigate your projector and go into different functions. The middle button is used similarly to the enter button on your computer. You can press the back/key to return to the previous screen or to exit. You can also short-press the Power key to switch to power-saving mode and short press again to exit out of the power-saving mode. You can watch our YouTube channel.

Q. It mentions the Laser Beam Pro can read different formats of files, which files are compatible? 

The Laser beam Pro can read different formats of files and the files that are compatible with our Laser Beam Pro C200 are Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, MP4, and JPG Files. Remember some files to be compatible, you need to download the APPS (Adobe Reader, Microsoft Excel/PowerPoint) to be able to open and read the files.

Q. How can I connect to my laptop or computer (Windows and Apple)?

You can connect to a laptop by using the same methods as connecting with your mobile device if your laptop has AIRPLAY on Apple Devices or Smart View/Miracast. Or you can choose to connect with a micro HDMI cable to your PC. You’d need an Apple cable and a micro HDMI cable for an Apple computer. (Must purchase separately).  You can watch our YouTube Channel.

Q. How can I connect my speakers to Bluetooth? 

You can connect your speakers to Bluetooth by choosing Settings from your Start Menu. Then choose Bluetooth and turn it on. Once you have done that you will see a list of available devices to connect your projector to. Go ahead and choose the preferred Bluetooth device and you will see it light up to blue once you have connected.

Q. It is very time consuming to type in my Google account information for instance, is there a faster/better solution? 

Yes, there is a faster way to type in your Google account information on your projector. KEYBOARD or MOUSE – would be the option to connect via USB and be able to type much easier then choosing to go with the basic option with the directional keys from your projector. Or go to settings and Accounts to add Google Account information.

Q. What’s the warranty on Laser Beam Pro? 

It comes with a 1 year manufacture warranty from the purchasing date as long as you can provide proof of serial number and a copy of invoice.

Q. Can I charge it while using the Laser Beam Pro? 

Yes, you can as long as you are using the original power supply that’s included in the package. Or any power bank that supports output of 3.7V 6200mAh.

Q. Can I watch streaming videos thru AirPlay? 

Due to limitation of Apple's Airplay license, Laser Beam Pro does not play YouTube, HBO, Netflix and other streaming sites. We highly recommend to use Apple Lightening AV Adapter & certified Micro HDMI cable for wire connection (Sold separately).  You can watch our YouTube channel.

Q. Any questions regards to distributorship, sales rep., wholesale, OEM, ODM, etc.? 

Please contact us at

Q. If I have questions not addressed in the FAQ, who should I contact? 

Please contact customer care at from Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Pacific Standard Time.

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