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Accessory for UO Smart Beam Laser



Small But Powerful! Bluetooth Speaker w/ 6W of sound. Perfect for boosting sound for any smart phones or other portable devices.

This small beast is completely portable, lasts 10 hours straight, completely wireless, and completely compact.

Simply pair it up and enjoy the music!

Please note that this product is only available in BLACK color.

Category Description
Dimensions 1.75 inch X 1.75 inch X 1.75 inch
Weight (Including built-in battery) 0.25 lbs / 0.35 lbs w/packaging
Op Temp & Humidity 10°C~40°, 15~85%
Output Power 6 watts
Warranty Period 1 year from the purchase date
Battery Capacity Rechargeable 1,800mAh 3.7V
Battery Waiting Time 100 hours
Operating Time 10 hours
Charging Time 2.5~3 hours
Power Micro USB maximum input current 5V, 1A
Input Bluetooth 3.0
LED 1 LED (Blue, Red LED for On/Off status, Charge Status)
NFC Support NFC Pairing (without power on/off by NFC)

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