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Video Tutorials - Laser Beam Pro C200



Here's how you can download and use Remote Controller App for Laser Beam Pro 

Here's how you can use USB or micro SD card from Laser Beam Pro 

Here's how to connect Android device on Laser Beam Pro  

Laser Beam Pro C200 Introduce Video 

World's Smallest Computer Projector Laser Beam Pro - HOW TO USE (INTRODUCITON PART 2) 

How to set the Settings from Laser Beam Pro 

How to connect iPhone, iPad or MacBook with Laser Beam Pro? 

Meet Laser Beam Pro C200, 2017 CES Innovative Product Award Honoree

Although weighing only half a pound, our latest projector is packed with awesomeness. In fact, we cannot sum up its so many function & features into just one video.

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