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UO Smart Beam Art

UO Smart Beam Art


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UO Smart Beam Art, Portable Mini Beam Projector,Colorful 40 Ansi 220V,1.8-inch Cube

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UO Smart Beam ART Portable Mini Beam Projector 

Smallest size and Portability / High Definition and Image Quality / Smart-Anytime/where

Take Out Cinema, UO Smart Beam Art !! Amazing performance from the small size. Enough for watching a full movie. Compatible with smartphone, tablet, and laptop. You can use it simply by connecting to a cable. For a variety of purposes at home, outdoors, at your workplace, for your children's education and more.

    •  Ultra small Size/Weight 1.8-inch Cube(1.8"×1.85"×1.8") 4.25 oz 
    •  Easy Charge: with the same Cellphone charger(Micro USB) 
    •  Connected to most of Devices: Smartphone&Tablet PC has MHL,PC&Laptop has HDMI
    •  Real Portable Screen: Connected to Amazon Fire TV Stick,Google Chrome cast,Apple TV 
    •  Don't need Tripod: Stable Cube for screening on Ceiling/Wall 
    •  [Smart-Anytime/where] "Awesome! 2nd Screen!"
    •  Charge Smartbeam & Cellphone at the same time! 
    •  Portable battery can be used anytime/where! 
    •  Very simple to connect with one cable 
    •  Ultra small size for Businessmen,Students,Children,Family,Present 
    •  Cube with no Tripod: Ceiling & Wall is a great Screen 
    •  Real portable for Presentation,Movie,TV,Game,Study group,Camping 
    * Color can look different depending on your environment
    * Product Pictures are subject to change without any notification. 
    * Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification
  • Package contents : 1x Smart Beam, Charger, Manual, HDMI Cable, 5 to 11 Pin converter
    **Use the included charger only to support proper power input.Charger : C-Type plug outlet - AU Plug adapter will ship to AU & NZ customer)
Smart Beam Art
Brand  UO
Model  Smart Beam Art
Display Type  DLP
Brightness  Max 40 ANSI Lumens
Resolution  VGA (640x480)
Projector lens focal length  20cm~300cm
Lifetime of the LED  Max 10,000 hours
Screen ratio  4:3
Screen size  60 inches at 2m
Size  46 x 46 x 47 (mm)
Charging time / Battery life  4hour / 100minutes
Voltage  Free Volt (100-240V) / Korea C Type


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